What is an SMA?

A Separately-Managed Account (SMA) is a portfolio of investments owned by you and managed by us, unlike managed funds where you own units within a pooled investment.

The types of investments held in each SMA portfolio varies and your financial adviser will recommend the SMA portfolio that suits your financials goals. For example, the investments in an SMA portfolio may include:

  • direct shares
  • bonds, and
  • exchange traded funds (ETF).
What is an SMA?

What are the benefits of an Atticus Wealth SMA?

Investing in an Atticus Wealth SMA portfolio gives you:

  • direct ownership

  • greater control over your tax outcomes

  • peace of mind that your portfolio is being professionally managed, and

  • the ability to retain your investments even if you transfer out of the SMA portfolio.

Direct Ownership

You directly own the actual investments (i.e. shares), rather than just units in a traditional managed fund. This means that you know all the companies you are invested in, unlike most managed funds where you will only be able to see the top ten investments held within the fund.

Greater control over tax outcomes

There may also be tax planning advantages when investing within an SMA portfolio. For example, you may be able to transfer pre-existing investments into your SMA portfolio which could potentially reduce capital gains tax or take advantage of franking credits attached to Australian shares. Your financial adviser will be able to provide you with further details on any potential tax advantages.

Ongoing expert attention

You can rest assured your investment with Atticus Wealth is being professionally looked after. Atticus Wealth have a team of highly experienced portfolio managers who actively manage all elements of your SMA portfolio including asset allocation, share selection and risk management.

Ability to retain your investments

You are not locked into an Atticus Wealth SMA portfolio. You own the actual investment which means that if you want to transfer out of the SMA portfolio, you can retain your investments.